About IoD Nigeria

IoD exists in many countries, mainly commonwealth countries, and offers members a network of over 85,000 members worldwide.

Its Membership is drawn from Directors and Business Leaders in the public and private sectors and from a diversity of enterprises in commerce, industry, services, professions, bureaucracy, etc.

IoD represents directors in their individual capacity and empowers them to contribute significantly to the welfare of the individuals, the companies they run and to national development. IoD works to establish and maintain contact amongst business leaders at the highest levels and interfaces with government for the creation and entrenchment of favourable business friendly policies in the seemingly challenging circumstances for the creation of wealth.

IoD can safely be described as a prime leadership forum in the organized private sector that helps directors to fulfil their legal and professional responsibilities for the benefit of the individual, business and society as a whole.

IoD Nigeria National Secretariat is located at 28 Cameron Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. The secretariat is equipped with exclusive members lounge, member's dining room, auditorium and a meeting room.

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