Our objects

To establish and conduct an Institute to safeguard and promote the interest in Nigeria of Directors of companies, business executives and professional people by carrying on of activities which are intended to:

(i) Improve the professional competence of its members as company directors and business leaders in Nigeria;

(ii) Provide an active forum and effective voice for its members in public affairs;

(iii) Charter its members as Directors and formulate and monitor the ethics of Directors as professionals;

(iv) Enlighten and educate its members regarding their legal, moral and general rights and responsibilities in respect of their companies and organizations and in respect of the society as a whole;

(v) Advance the competence and knowledge of its members by arranging and sponsoring seminars, course of study, conferences and visits within and outside Nigeria;

vi) Encourage, promote and co-ordinate research into relevant subjects and to compile, publish or sponsor the publication of journals in Nigeria and to print and publish any newspapers, periodicals, bulletins books or leaflets that the institute may think fit for the promotion of its objects;

vii) Take a continuing and effective interest in legislation in order to ensure as far as possible that basic commercial freedoms and rights are preserved and that a climate conducive to strong economic growth is maintained in the country;

viii) Uphold, maintain and improve the economic climate for the promotion of the concepts of corporate entity/personality, free enterprise, the welfare of the state and stable government in respect thereof;

(ix) Maintain and strengthen the bonds of reciprocity existing between the Institute of Directors all over the world;

(x) Assemble, maintain and extend such collection of books and publications including microfilm, reading and copying as it considers appropriate to an educational research library of the highest standing for the use of such persons as it thinks fit and upon such terms and conditions as it considers necessary;

(xi) Provide facilities and services of all kinds, including rooms, libraries, travel arrangements, meeting places, recreational facilities and offices for the use of members of the Institute;

(xii) Create, administer and support bursaries, chairs, exhibitions, fellowship, lectures, prizes and scholarships for the advancement or encouragement of learning and study tenable at any school, technical institution, university or other places of learning and study;

(xiii) Undertake, administer and support or assist in undertaking, administering and supporting organizations, projects, research schemes and campaigns which may assist in the attainment or advancement of any of the objects of the Institute;

(xiv) Engage in consultancy and advisory services generally on a non-commercial basis;

(xv) To establish such number of Branches of the Institute of Directors Nigeria and in such locations as it deems fit to enable it carry out any of its objects mentioned above.

IoD Nigeria aims to achieve these objects through

Promoting corporate governance practices and standards through continuing development of policy notes, position papers and 


Enabling and developing directors' skills through director development programmes, creating a platform of peer interaction and the exchange of learning and ideas through networking events as well as advisory services and the facilitation of board appraisals

 Safeguarding the integrity and status of directorship as a profession by being recognised as a professional body for directors

Advocating and providing an effective voice for directors in public affairs through effective liaison with regulators and media.

Providing ancillary benefits for members by maintaining a non-executive director register and   negotiation of benefits from a variety of third parties.