THEME:   Building High Performing Boards: The Imperative of Board Refreshment & Remuneration

DATE:  October 18-21, 2021

VENUE: Canada



Findings on board practices in the recent years have established a strong correlation between board’s performance and board’s refreshment, otherwise known as board renewal (e.g. ISS 2016-2017 Global Policy Survey). It is also proven that boards that refresh itself are more effective and well positioned to adapt to constant changes in the business environment as opposed to boards that are static and stagnant.

In view of this, it is incumbent on organisations to invigorate their boards in a timely manner with proper mix of new directors that bring on board fresh ideas to meet both the current and long‑term needs of the board, the company, shareholders and all stakeholders. Beyond this, high performing boards often refresh to strengthen leadership capacity, strategic competition, risk management and digital transformation, amongst others. Doing this has not come easy to many organisations, even when extant company laws, codes of corporate governance and memarts guide in this direction. Then there comes the big puzzle of board remuneration both as a variable of board performance and as a cost of productive refreshments of boards.  

This programme is aimed at broadening the participants’ knowledge on the modalities of refreshing boards for higher performance, as well as the issues around the right remuneration for the board. While one size does not fit all, the workshop will take a deep dive on the concepts and tested practices that have worked, which directors could consider for stronger board performance.  The methodology to be deployed embodies both slide presentation and interactive roundtable discussion. Also, multiple case studies and examples from other jurisdictions and related industries will be debated to deepen insights and understanding on the subject matter. 




At the end of the programme, participants will be able to

* Develop and explain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for boards

* Carry out a detailed breakdown of boards’ architecture for boosting performance

* Discuss the relationship between board refreshment and board performance

* Debate ideas and perspectives on board dynamics and culture

* Provide quality input into decision making process on board remuneration that facilitate high performance



* Overview of Boards’ “Key Performance Indicators” (KPIs): The Generic, the Customised and the Competitive

* Board’s Instruments, Tools, Procedure and Practices for Bosting Performance

* Understanding the Nexus between Board Refreshment and Board’s Performance

* Drivers of Board Refreshment- Internal, External, Domestic, Global, Legal, Codes, Dispensational Shifts etc.

* Boosting Board’s Performance through Effective Board Dynamics & Culture

* Practicing Board Refreshment in Family Businesses: Challenges & Solutions

* Directors’ Remuneration Package: Its Determinants & How to use it for Productive Board Refreshment and High Performance

* Towards Strong Board Performance: Lessons from Global Examples in Board Refreshment & Remuneration



CEOs, Executive Directors, Non-Executive Directors, Chairmen, Members of Boards, Company Secretaries, Consultants to boards, Board Advisors, business owners, investors and shareholders in family, private and public firms. Top government functionaries: Ministers, Commissioners, Permanent Secretaries, officials in the Director Cadre, Chairmen and members of Boards of government Parastatals and Agencies.




The Course fee is $3,500 (Three Thousand, Five Hundred Dollars) only. The fee covers tuition, training materials, delivery, visitation and tours, breakfast and lunch, with IoD Nigeria’s Certificate of Attendance.


However, IoD Nigeria can also help participants to process their 2 years Canadian VISA and for anyone interested, the course fee will be $4,000 (Four Thousand Dollars) Only

Participants are fully responsible for their flight and accommodation.





To be guaranteed of slots within the maximum number of delegates programmed for the class, participants that have VISA are enjoined to register on or before August 20, 2021, while those that want IoD Nigeria to handle their VISA processing must register on or before July 16, 2021.


All payments should be made in the name of the Institute of Directors Nigeria to Zenith Bank Account, Dollars (5071133426)


Please scan and send copies of your payment teller and registration form to 07062148115 or 08037658976


DISCOUNT POLICY: 2.5% discount for 3-5 delegates from the same organisation

EARLY BIRD: Payment received on or before June 30, 2021 shall attract 5% discount.

CANCELLATION/POSTPONEMENT POLICY: For cancellation on which notification is duly communicated more than Ten (10) working days to the programme, administrative charge of 40% of the fee will be paid. Any notification less than Ten (10) working days to the programme attracts forfeiture of the fee paid.


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