Building Boardlevel Competencies for Top Management




Competencies comprise experience, knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and beliefs of an individual. To be accepted as ‘fit and proper’ within a Board, a director is expected to possess applicable industry, technical and behavioural competencies to fill particular gaps on the board. While the top management team may possess varying degree of competencies, the convention is to build them towards board level roles by grooming them in such specific or generic competencies that add value in the boardroom.

The programme is specially designed to build the competencies of top management staff for the boardroom.

Target Participants

All who fall into the senior or top level management of organisations, those who are being prepared for the director grade in the near term, all who are on the next line of leadership after the board  and CEOs of young or subsidiary organisations.


At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

* Outline specific roles and responsibilities of the Board

* Explain how the top management drives corporate governance

* Discuss in details the competencies directors bring on the table in the boardroom

* Identify choices available to the individual and organisations in building board level competencies



* The Board’s Roles and Responsibilities

* Pipeline Management Staff as Drivers of Corporate Governance Implementation

* Core Competencies for Board Level functions, with Behavioural Indicators

* Strategic Options for Building Internal Capacity for the Boardroom

Date: August 5 , 2021

Venue: Institute of Directors, Ikoyi, Lagos

Members: N136,500.00; Non-Members N157,500.00


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