The SA, PA & EA Workshops (Basic Intermediate & Advanced)


Perhaps more than ever before, there have been increased demand on the executive assistants of Directors and top officials of organisations to demonstrate specialised skills in creating and adding value as they discharge their responsibility of supporting the C-Suite Executives to enhance the success of their organisations. In this category of vital support staff are Special Assistants, Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants, amongst others.

In performing their support roles, they are expected to be on top of the pace of change in the modern workplace, think and act proactively, communicate professionally and demonstrate mastery in managing self, boss and the stakeholders. Their effectiveness is measured by the extent to which they serve as the backbone of the C-Suite office, while facilitating and impacting Executives’ functions seamlessly.

The course is packaged to acquaint the participants with critical competencies necessary to achieve their enormous tasks. It is an exceptional response of IoD Nigeria to the demands of its members who have requested the intervention of the Institute in training their support staff, having observed the correlation between the capacity of support staff and the efficiency as well as the effectiveness of a director.

Target Participants

Special Assistants, Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants, Personal Secretaries, Team Secretaries, Project Secretaries, Administrative & Office Managers, Help Desk Administrators, Office Administrators & Supervisors and all who support the C-Suite Executives.


At the completion of the two-module course, participants should be able to:

  • Discuss the importance of their role to the achievement of ethical and corporate governance practice in the executive level environments, which set the tone.
  • Explain their role in the context of executive support as aligned to the corporate objectives of the organisation
  • Emplace strong teams that will facilitate executive level operations and assignments
  • Manage self, boss, staff and stakeholders more effectively
  • Skilfully use emotions to influence people even without authority over them.
  • Apply project management techniques to deliver more effectively and efficiently on their assignments.
  • Demonstrate improved communications skills, including listening, questioning and being more assertive.
  • Write effective reports
  • Use best practice model in handling ‘crisis’ situations, as well as getting work done with less stress.

Modular Package in Stages

Due to the intensive nature of the programme, it has been reviewed to run in three stages as follows:


Day 1 (The C-Suite, Corporate Governance and Corporate Strategy)


  • Overview of the Role of the EAs, PAs & SAs in Corporate Governance
  • Understanding the Nexus between Role & Corporate Strategy
  • How to Build & Lead Effective Teams around the C-Suite
  • Effective Relationship/Stakeholders Management around the C-Suite

Day 2 (Building Skills & Competences for Executive Assistants)


  • Project & Event Management Techniques
  • Sharpening your Communication Skills: Verbal, Non-Verbal, Business Writing etc.
  • Strategies for Handling Conflicts & Crisis Situations
  • Managing Workplace Pressure, Stress & Work-Life Balance



Day 1 (Managing Self, Time & Boss)


  • Mastering Tools for Office Organisation, Task & Time Management
  • Emotional Intelligence for Excellent Performance
  • How to Manage your Boss
  • Etiquettes, Dress Sense & Personal Grooming

Day 2 (Building Skills & Competences for Executive Assistants)


  • Financial Planning, Budgeting & Cost control I
  • Financial Planning, Budgeting & Cost Control II
  • Organising Meetings & Effective Minutes Taking
  • Techniques for Report Writing



Day 1 (Visioning the C-Suite Transformation)


  • The Primacy of Ethics & Confidentiality
  • Leading from the Rear: The Imperatives
  • Leading the C-Suite Transformation

Day 2 (Building Skills & Competences for Executive Assistants)


  • Negotiation Skills for Support Executives
  • Essentials for Managing Risks in the C-Suite
  • Career Planning & Self Development
  • The Habits & the Future of Highly Effective Support Executives: Experience Sharing by a CEO


Dates:  Basic Module – April 7-8, 2020

            Intermediate Module – May 5-6, 2020

            Advanced Module – July 21-22, 2020

Venue: Institute of Directors, Ikoyi, Lagos

Fee: N135,000.00 per module or N250,000.00 per two modules, for payments made at once,

   or N340,000.00 for the three modules, if payment is made once.




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