THEME:                  The Chair, the CEO and Leadership Responsibilities


DATE:                     October 25- 28, 2021


VENUE:                  Canada




The generic roles and responsibilities of directors are well documented in corporate governance codes and literature. However, emerging realities across the jurisdictions have shown that the balance of power between the Chair as the arrow-head of the board and the CEO as the leader of the organisation- who reports to the board- vary from company to company. Thus in practice, one model does not fit all.

For this reason, it is important for board players to explore the leadership pattern that works for productive relationships between the CEO, the chairman and board members so the common goal of the organisation may be achieved seamlessly. This is more needful in this age of unprecedented mix of diverse, but powerful personalities functioning as either the chair or the CEO or both. Only boards that get the dynamics right stand a better chance of fulfilling their mandate and getting the organisation to the Promised Land. 

The essence of this programme is to equip the Chair and the CEO with seasoned leadership techniques and practical tools needed to balance power and authority in discharging their leadership responsibilities. The summit is also packaged with rich insights on the role of board members in managing and enhancing Board-CEO relationship, to achieve the organisation’s goal.




At the end of the programme, participants will be able to

* Discuss, with examples, the schools of thought on the concentration and dispersal of the Chairman/CEO powers

* Identify the shared and unshared responsibilities of the Chairman and the CEO

* Explain the leadership dynamics as well as the attributes needed by both the Chair and the CEO in discharging their responsibilities effectively

* Profile the balancing acts needed by both the Chair and the CEO in discharging their responsibilities professionally

* Analyse the whole spectrum of issues relating to the Chair-CEO power dynamic and the critical role of board members in managing it



* Case For and Against the Chairman/CEO Duality, with Global Examples

* The Chair & the CEO Responsibilities: Points of Divergence, Convergence & the Common Goal

* The Chair & the CEO: Leadership Models, Dynamics & Characteristics for Achieving Results

* The Balancing Act: How the Chair may Run the Board, Lead the CEO without Hijacking the Running of the Company

* The Balancing Act: How the CEO may Run the Company, Earn the Board’s Confidence without Compromising Professionalism

* Balance of Power between the Chair & the CEO: Determinants, Instruments and Role of Board Members

* The Primacy of Trust and Chemistry in the Chair-CEO Relationship & How to build them

* Tail Wagging the Dog: Steps Directors should take when the CEO is more Powerful than the Board

* Leadership, Power and Responsibilities: Case Studies of Chairmen & CEOs of Topmost World Organisations



Chairmen, CEOs, Executive Directors, Non-Executive Directors, Members of Boards, Company Secretaries, Board Advisors, business owners, investors and shareholders in family, private and public firms. Top government functionaries: Ministers, Commissioners, Permanent Secretaries, officials in the Director Cadre, Chairmen and members of Boards of government Parastatals and Agencies.




The Course fee is $3,500 (Three Thousand, Five Hundred Dollars) only. The fee covers tuition, training materials, delivery, visitation and tours, breakfast and lunch, with IoD Nigeria’s Certificate of Attendance.


However, IoD Nigeria can also help participants to process their 2 years Canadian VISA and for anyone interested, the course fee will be $4,000 (Four Thousand Dollars) Only


Participants are fully responsible for their flight and accommodation.




To be guaranteed of slots within the maximum number of delegates programmed for the class, participants that have VISA are enjoined to register on or before August 20, 2021, while those that want IoD Nigeria to handle their VISA processing must register on or before July 16, 2021.


All payments should be made in the name of the Institute of Directors Nigeria to Zenith Bank Account, Dollars (5071133426)


Please scan and send copies of your payment teller and registration form to 07062148115 or 08037658976



DISCOUNT POLICY: 2.5% discount for 3-5 delegates from the same organisation

EARLY BIRD: Payment received on or before June 30, 2021 shall attract 5% discount.

CANCELLATION/POSTPONEMENT POLICY: For cancellation on which notification is duly communicated more than Ten (10) working days to the programme, administrative charge of 40% of the fee will be paid. Any notification less than Ten (10) working days to the programme attracts forfeiture of the fee paid.




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