Annual Women Directors' Luncheon 2022

Virtually Unstoppable: Defining The New Inclusive Economy


The Women Directors Luncheon is organized by the Women Directors Development Committee of IoD Nigeria and convenes women (and some male) leaders both in the private and public sectors to discuss contemporary issues of great importance for business, the economy, leadership and corporate governance, with the objective of informing, crafting solutions and empowering this constituency of female leaders to address cutting-edge issues.

Technology is clearly one of the major drivers of inclusivity and a gamechanger for businesses as it eliminates barriers as well as provides speed and opportunities to scale-up. In the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, technology redefined our workplace and delivery, as well as ensured business continuity. 

It continues to be an important agenda item for Boards, which is why it will be a focus of our discussions at the Luncheon, particularly how Boards should organize, leverage, finance and monitor technology, as well as the world of opportunities it creates, particularly for women.