The CIoD Nigeria is an advocate of good corporate governance practice in the Nigerian business environment. The scope of the Institute’s Advocacy programmes is the Nigerian business community, that is, members of the Institute, business/opinion leaders, Policy Makers in Public and Private Sectors; CEOs of organizations, Academia, Sponsors and the media.

The Institutes advocacy roundtable event focuses on issues of Corporate Governance and Business Environment. It attracts key knowledgeable and experienced industry players to lead discussions. 

The Institute invites, top government officials, i.e. Ministers, CEOs of public sector departments and Agencies to discuss with members, non-members and other key business people discuss identified areas of interventions.


Infrastructure Development in Nigeria: A Necessity for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

The Infrastructure Development Forum seeks to create a robust stakeholders' engagement that will highlight the framework for building sustainable investment in capital projects across Nigeria through a successful public /private sector partnership and strong regulatory framework by adherence to sound Corporate Governance 

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Petroleum Industry Act,

Governance And The Investor

It is exciting to note that after over two decades in the making, the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA) has now become law and establishes a new reality for Nigeria’s oil and gas industry, as the Act is expected to grow investors' confidence in Nigeria's Petroleum Industry and create more employment opportunities for the populace in the host communities. Moreover, the scale of the changes introduced by the PIA is widespread and profound, and it is seen as a significant overhaul of the administrative, regulatory and fiscal regime, as well as the key petroleum institution in the entire spectrum of the Nigerian petroleum industry.

The PIA, which contains a total of 319 sections, 5 chapters with a categorization into numbered parts, introduces pertinent changes to the governance, administrative, regulatory and fiscal framework of the Nigerian Petroleum Industry, in order to ensure transparency, strengthen the governing institutions and attract investment capital, among other objectives.


The Role of Directors in Fostering Ethical Behaviour & Compliance In The Workplace

Date: 7th Oct. 2021

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AFCFTA: The Impact of a Single Continental Market on the Transport and Logistics Sector 

- what your company needs to know

Date: 28th July 2021

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Date: April 22nd, 2021

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Stakeholders Forum On The Environment;

Environmental Degradation Issues & The Way Forward

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