The Chartered Institute of Directors Nigeria (CIoD Nigeria) wishes to inform you that it has opened a Register  of Independent Directors in Nigeria, which can be accessed by all private and public quoted  companies to fill their vacancies of Independent Directors on their Board. This robust Register contains  the details of eligible Independent Directors across industries. 

In response to frequent corporate failures and poor governance practices, regulators across all jurisdictions have emphasised greater board independence by making independent directors a  compulsory requirement on boards of companies and agencies of government. 

This has prompted the Institute of Directors Nigeria, which is a prime business membership organisation  that attends to the capacity development needs of directors in the private and public sectors in Nigeria, to open a Register of Independent Directors in Nigeria since 2017. 

These Directors, who are members of the Chartered Institute of Directors Nigeria, have excelled as practitioners in  the corporate space and have requisite experience spanning over not less than two (2) decades. In  addition, they have undergone requisite specialised training (Independent Directors Masterclass) under  the auspices of CIoD Nigeria to boost their capacities in functioning on boards as independent non executive directors. 

To be enlisted in the Register of Independent Directors of the Institute, an interested person must meet  the below criteria: 

Eligibility Criteria 

1. An applicant must first become a full member of the Chartered Institute of Directors Nigeria, who must have  attended the Company Direction Course (CDC) I and II. 

2. An applicant must have attended the Independent Directors Masterclass Training  3. An applicant must have completed the Independent Directors Application Form and submitted  same to the Institute. 

You are also invited to take full advantage of this register, which you can access free of charge, to fill existing vacancies for independent directors on your Board .You may do this by writing to the undersigned  stating your specification with regard to industry background, gender, discipline, geopolitical zone etc. 

Thank you as we look forward to having you take advantage of this unique opportunity to enhance your  chances of getting appointed to corporate boards, as well as the quality of composition of your board. 

Dele Alimi, M.IoD