Step One

 On your browser search – (This would direct you to the home page). 

– Click Existing Membership Activation

Step Two

Enter "Membership number" and Surname (Your Membership Number Starts with the first letter of your surname in Caps followed in by numbers)

Click on Submit. You would then be directed to update your account.

Step Three

Update your account by typing your email address & password.

Update Account

i. Email address (lower-case only)

ii. Password        (At least 8 characters)

iii. Confirm password, click submit

A verification email is sent to you for confirmation which give you access to your dashboard

Step Four-

Open your email to verify your account

Step Five

   Click on membership bill and select appropriate bill

Step Six

  Click on pay, then accept and pay

Step Seven

 Validate payment and click pay

Step Eight

Choose your preferred Payment option from the drop-down, enter card details and make payment

Click to Activate account & Pay Subscription 

Please see video guides on membership portal navigation.


How to Activate Your Account on the IoD Nigeria Membership Portal As A Member

To access the IoD Membership portal as an existing member and take advantage of the newly deployed technology built to enhance your experience, your account needs to be activated.

The required steps to activate your account is shown in the video.


How to make payment on the IoD Membership Portal

For Members of the Institute who intend to pay their Membership Subscriptions and Bills, please follow these few steps as shown in the video.


For Prospective Members; How to Register and Become a Member on the IoD Nigeria Membership Portal 

Join IoD Nigeria and network with over 5,000 industry leaders in Nigeria.

To become a member of the Institute, prospective members are required to complete an online registration form.

Here are the required steps to complete the form


How to Approve A Referee Approval Request on the IoD Nigeria Membership Portal

For Members of the Institute whose Membership Number was used as a reference by a Prospective Member while completing the new members registration form, these are the steps for Referee Approval.