The Tourism and Hospitality Forum, which is organised by the Tourism & Hospitality Committee of the Institute creates awareness for the revitalisation of the Nigerian Tourism Industry to annex the potentials it has for the development of the Nigerian economy. 

Emphasis is on the role of sound governance structures in the development of the Industry and provision of viable input into policy initiatives that can drive Sustainable Tourism in Nigeria.

Forum Objectives:

  • To understand the National Tourism vision and key policy initiatives.

  • To highlight the activities and actions needed to drive Sustainable Tourism in Nigeria

  • To provide a platform for the public and private sectors to address Tourism & Hospitality issues  

  •  To create and increase awareness of Nigeria as a tourist destination in Africa and globally 

  • Strengthen cooperation among the various sectors of the Nigerian Tourism & Hospitality industry.

  • Facilitate networking and clustering of tourism & hospitality stakeholders

  • Identify IoD as contributing to policy development in the Tourism & Hospitality Industry

It is the Institute’s belief that these conversations will progress the aspiration of Nigeria to be one of the top tourism destinations in the world and touch on the required infrastructure and supporting Governance building blocks that are essential pillars to pushing the agenda.