Celebrating She-roes of the Boardroom

Still basking in the euphoria of the success of our webinar in the commemoration of International Women's Day, themed "Inspire Inclusion: Invest in Women," which held earlier in the month, the Chartered Institute of Directors, Nigeria (CIoD) takes immense pride in celebrating the remarkable achievements of women directors who are shaping the corporate landscape of our nation.

For too long, boardrooms have been dominated by a single perspective. However, the tide is turning. Women directors are shattering glass ceilings and bringing a wealth of talent, experience, and diverse viewpoints to the table. Their contributions are undeniable, fostering innovation, strengthening corporate governance, and driving sustainable growth.

CIoD Nigeria recognises the exceptional leadership qualities women directors embody. They are strategic thinkers, adept at navigating complex challenges and making sound decisions. They are champions of ethical conduct, ensuring transparency and accountability within organisations.

The inclusion of women directors fosters a culture of diversity and inclusivity in boardrooms. Their unique perspectives lead to a more comprehensive understanding of market trends, consumer needs, and risk management. This diversity is not just the right thing to do; it is a proven driver of better business outcomes.

By investing in the development of women directors, we invest in the future of Nigerian businesses. CIoD Nigeria is committed to this cause, offering programs and initiatives designed to equip women with the skills and knowledge to excel in boardrooms. We believe in empowering women to reach their full potential and contribute meaningfully to the economic prosperity of our nation.

At CIoD, our commitment to dismantling barriers is evident through the Women Directors Development Committee (WDDC). This dedicated program equips women with the knowledge, resources, and networks essential for success in the boardroom. We champion initiatives that spotlight the achievements of female directors, serving as inspiration for the next generation of leaders.

That was why we had two renowned female board gurus, Dr Juliet Ehimuan, Founder/CEO Beyond Limits Africa, a former Director at Google West Africa and Mrs Dupe Olusola, CEO of Transcorp Hotels, Abuja during the Table Top Conversation webinar.

Their journey, experiences, challenges and successes shared during the webinar highlight the multiple benefits of investing in women. Both agreed on intentionality, development of confidence, personal brand building, expansion of the network, and acceptance of opportunities regardless of challenges as some of the strategies that can make women flourish in the boardrooms.

CIoD Nigeria calls on all stakeholders to join us in championing the inclusion of women directors. Let us break down existing barriers and create a level playing field for women to thrive in leadership roles. Let us invest in their success, for in doing so, we invest in the collective success of Nigerian businesses and the nation as a whole.

Together, let us inspire inclusion and celebrate the remarkable women directors who are leading the way!



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