COVID-19 (Corona virus) – Message from the DG/CEO 

Dear Esteemed Members, 

The Institute is concerned not only about the business continuity risks presented by the unprecedented health scare in the COVID-19 (Corona virus) but also in the Health & Safety implications, which is even more catastrophic if due care is not taken by individuals to take extra precautions at this period. I will like to take to share some insight into the different steps that we are taking in the Secretariat to guarantee that visits to our Secretariat and attendance at our programmes, events and training continue to meet and exceed the highest standards of safety and hygiene.


Health & Safety

Our cleaning personnel have been sensitized to the implications of the COVID-19 and have been oriented and provided with all necessary materials to ensure that our environment is thoroughly cleaned and all public places and objects are well cleaned and sanitised. Door knobs, railings, chair, tables, etc., are always thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The same treatment is given to the conveniences.


Thermometres, Hand Sanitisers and hand washing facilities would be provided at our gate and front desk for the usage of all visitors before they are allowed access into the offices and meeting rooms. We shall continue to have a strong focus on hygiene, while this risk persists.


We appreciate and understand the hesitation of many people to attend public events at the moment, we want to assure you that all necessary and adequate precautions, as stated above would be taken to ensure your personal safety at all our upcoming training, events, meetings and programmes. Participants would be encouraged to take all precautions and as little contact as possible would be encouraged.


We are constantly monitoring the developments in Nigeria in particular and in the world in general and we remain guided by expert options provided by the authorities.


I urge you all to please stay safe, play safe and remain cautious.


Bamidele Alimi, M.IoD